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Icom IC-A6E voucher offer!


With the purchase of the IC-A6E 8.33 Hand Held Radio Sports pack or Pro pack you will receive a free voucher to spend in our web shop! Valid on purchases before the 31st December 2017, purchase of the Sports pack will come with a £25 Web Shop voucher and purchase of the Pro pack will come with a £40 Web Shop voucher. More information on what each pack contains can be found here.

New LX S100 and S10 now released and in stock!


LXNAV’s latest Vario is based on the S80 with all the same features plus an IGC Flight recorder to the highest standard plus a 3 hour back up battery. Check out the great price from Navboys. here

Flarm Technology has finally released the long awaited version 6 of its Flarm Firmware. This update is mandatory and needs to be applied to ALL Flarm devices by the end of March 2015.


For PowerFlarm users, there is a specific update to version 6 for you. Please follow this link to find the correct update for your PowerFlarm Core and Pure devices.


For ClassicFlarm users, there is also a specific update to version 6 with a version for SD card users and one for non-SD card versions. (Update via PC). Please follow this link to find the correct update for your ClassicFlarm device.


For LXNAV Equipment, use the following link to update the Flarm mouse and LX80xx and 90xx with imbeded Flarm. LXFLARM UPDATE

The New World of Instrumentation


BGA conference speakers Andrej Kolar from Naviter and Erazem Poulutnik from LX NAV on at 10:40am on the 7th of March 2015.


Andrej Kolar has been flying gliders ever since he was allowed to do so. He has clocked up 2500 hours, mostly in the Alps. His gliding experience stretches from 1000 km flights flown from his home base in the South Eastern Alps to many competitions where he became Slovenian National champion five times. Andrej went on to represent Slovenia in several World and European championships. His favourite form of gliding has always been ridge and wave.


Andrej met Erazem Poulutnik at the gliding comps in Slovenia. They created SeeYou PC during their studies at University and later formed Naviter to develop and market SeeYou PC and later SeeYou Mobile and the now ubiquitous Oudie.


Erazem Polutnik started flying at 16 and followed a similar path to Andrej, flying over 2,500 hours all over the world. He has also competed in 2 European and 2 World championships for Slovenia. Erazem is not only a great glider pilot he is a serial entrepreneur building on his experience with Naviter and a spell at LX Navigation, he started the LX NAV business with his friend Uroš Krašovic in 2007. LX NAV developed the LX8000 colour flight computer which started the cockpit revolution and they have gone on to produce the first all glass colour vario and big screen moving map systems for gliders.


LX NAV and Naviter are now the leaders in flight planning, moving map and vario technology.

Win an LXNAV Nano 3 at the BGA conference


Sydney Charles Aviation Insurance is offering a chance to win an LXNAV Nano3 flight recorder just by visiting their stand at this year’s BGA conference on the 7th of March 2015. More here

Oudie RAM Ball Mount

Now in stock, The ultimate Oudie RAM Ball mount featuring two 1" diamond base ball joints and a 3" double socket. Completly adjustable but sold as a rock.

LX S8 57mm Standalone vario announced

Standard 57mm variometer with Flarm, waypoint, and task screens with airspace for navigation. The Vario will work with all Flarm devices with a screen output and can be connected to an Oudie or PDA. The all glass screen does away with the stepper motor making this the fastest vario on the market. AHRS upgradeable with a purchased release code.

FlarmView Ø 57mm now available!


FlarmView 57 shows traffic information provided by FLARM or ADS-B devices. It displays climb rate, altitude and distance for selected target. It fits neatly in a standard 57mm panel slot.

LXNAV S80 standalone 80mm Vario and final glide computer pricing anounced with availability November 2014


Standard ø80mm variometer with extremely powerful processor • Using MEMS inertial platform and pressure sensors • built in AHRS • 3.5” high brightness  sunshine readable screen

LX Nano III pricing anounced with availability in March 2014


The Nano flight recorder is the smallest flight recorder designed to the highest level IGC specification with Colour QVGA screen

Version 3.x for LX8080, 8000.8080 with lots of new features


LX have been busy in the first part of the year with the latest Version 3 release of the firmware. It’s had a couple of tweaks and now version 3.03 is available and very stable. Definitely worth upgrade. Info can be found here.

 Latest UK Airspace File 27-6-13

Latest File from Pete Desmond, Tim Newport-Peace. This includes changes to airspace in Scotland (Gliding sectors) and a minor typo fix.

Club Class and Lasham Regionals Airspace 22-5-13


This file has the option to turn on/off the Compton box and also the additional airspace granted around the nuclear establishments in the South during the comp. The other improvements include the ATZ part of MATS now identified as class D airspace so it’s easy to make use of the MATZ but also easy to avoid the ATZ . The file can be used by all, it just has the added features for the competition.


The file can be found on the Download page here


For details on how to load your Turn Point file follow the link here


May 5th 2013


Latest Firmware form LXNav V3.0 for LX9000, LX8000 and LX8080 can be found here.

UK 2013 Turn Point List for SeeYou and LX Nav


Friday 29 March 2013


Many thanks to Tim  Newport-Pease and the many TP contributors for the hard work in creating the  base turn point file. Navboys have converted for use with SeeYou, SeeYou Mobile  and LX Nav devices. The usual caveats apply etc etc. This file is zipped  up to preserve the file extension. Simply click on the folder when it has been  downloaded and then copy the 2013.CUP  file to SD card or PC.


The file can be found on the Download page here


For details on how to load your Turn Point file follow the link here

UK 2013 Airspace for SeeYou and LX Nav


Saturday 23 March 2013

Many thanks to Pete Desmond for his hard work in creating the base airspace file. Navboys have converted for use with SeeYou, SeeYou Mobile and LX Nav devices. The usual caveats apply etc etc. This file is zipped up to preserve the file extension. Simply click on the folder when it has been downloaded and then copy the 2013A UKairspace.CUB  file to SD card or PC.


The file can be found on the Download page here


Ror details on how to load your airspace follow the link here

Its official, Navboys appointed LXnav and Naviter agents for the UK

Monday 18 March 2013


Read more at the following pages. LX nav, Naviter SeeYou.

NAVboys Pre Owned section now live!

Sunday 17 March 2013

NavBoys launch Pre Owned section where you can sell your gliding kit free of charge. Just fill in the form on the sales page and we will post your item for sale.

Pre Owned submission form can be found here


New Firmware for LX8000/LX8080/LX9000 v2.89


Sunday, 17 March 2013

LX NAV are proud to announce new firmware for LX8000, LX8080 and LX9000.

Change log: 

  • ASAPT improvements and fixes
  • Fixed SD format on LX8000
  • improvements for FLARM version 5.0.8 and newer


8.33kHz Radio Channel Spacing.

Please note the date from which all radios installed in aircraft operating below FL195 must support 8.33kHz channel spacing is 1st January 2018. From the 31st December 2018 all ground stations must comply as well. The CAA Information Notice relating to this (IN 2013/018) can be found at the following link


NAVboys recommendation – If you have an old radio and are thinking of changing, come and talk to us. We believe there is some value in your old radio and we can get the best return for you as a trade in for a new 8.33MHz Radio. There is a very limited time window for this, next year we expect your old radio to be worth nothing! We can be contacted here.

FLARM - IGC Security Update

A new version of the FLARM Firmware (v5.09) has been released. This overcomes the issue whereby false IGC files could be produced that passed the IGC electronic validation check. Owners should note that the IGC approval for earlier versions of Firmware (from V4.0 to V5.06) will be withdrawn on 30 April 2013.


Details are at http://www.flarm.com/support/updates/index_en.html



If you are having difficulty in upgrading your Flarm, please give us a call and we can arrange to do this for you. We can be contacted here.

'Seen recently Liz Sparrow practicing for the Pribina Cup'

Liz is the only Brit planning to camp at the comp which begins Easter weekend. The rest of us have all opted for the hotel option! You can follow the 7 Brits taking part on the official website, just follow the link.


 2013 UK Competition Rulebook


The 2013 UK Competition Rulebook is now available.

You can view the update by going clicking the following link;





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