Batteries and Chargers

Power to run your electronic instruments, moving maps devices, radios and flight recorders is one of those important things to get right. There is nothing more frustrating than losing power part way through a great gliding day. Having the right batteries and charging systems from experience, is really important. We have been looking around for the best on the market and think we have come up with a choice of traditional and more

modern options for powering the navigation

and communications equipment in your glider.

On our journey, we have spoken to lots of battery manufacturers and distributors to find the best suited batteries for our sport. It is clear from the conversations and discussions that not all batteries are the same and you pretty much get what you pay for and often not what you need!


The standard avionics battery size, shape and volt/amp/hr we use are available in lots of types from lots of manufacturers. The key to our use is; multiple duty cycles and the equipment we use it for ideally looks for consistent voltage. We then go and use them in a hostile environment and abuse them! Quality also varies significantly between manufacturers in terms of durability and delivery of that consistent voltage for a sensible period of time. Bottom line, cheap batteries on EBay may not be the answer!


Navboys source their batteries from the largest UK distributor of rechargeable batteries in the UK based in Leicester. They are also the largest supplier of batteries to the NHS and test every batch of batteries before dispatch. Any that do not make the mark are returned to the supplier and not sold through this distributor. The advice we have had from these experts has been invaluable not only in the choice of battery but also on the right type of charger to use and how to look after your batteries.




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