Polish and Bug Cleaner

Keeping your glider clean and protecting it from harmful UV is always important to improve performance and keep your glider looking good.


Navboys have now sourced Aerolack products that we think you will like to both keep your glider looking good and to help clean the bugs off.

AEROLACK Shampoo 1000ML 


Aerolack Shampoo is a highly economical concentrate to be mixed with water.

It is designed for frequent use but is still tough on dirt but gentle on the underlying surface and the environment.

Aerolack Shampoo is ideal for use on surfaces that have been treated with Aerolack all in One preserving the sealants and surface treatment. Plastics and rubber seals are not affected by the Shampoo.



Aerolack All in One combines a complete care system for virtually all aircraft surfaces*.

The cleaning components break down fat, oil, tar and oxidation and remove slight yellowing.

During sealing, special polymers penetrate the cleaned pores and dry to create a homogeneous surface that repels dirt and water. Makes for very slippery wings!

The UV-blocker formulation reduces the ageing process caused by solar radiation to a minimum.

Aerolack All in One has been optimised for use on plastics.

Please do not use any microfibres, as they would create a static charge. It is better to use a lint-free polishing cloth made from soft cotton.

* Do not use to treat porous or raw surfaces or de-icing equipment.



Aerolack Insect Remove is pecialy designed to remove insects with a recipe especially designed for organic substances.

As soon as you spray it on you will see how effortlessly Aerolack Insect Remove removes even firmly stuck insect residues.


Like all Aerolack products, Insect Remove is also very gentle on the materials.

Bundle Package 1 AEROLACK All in One + INSECT REMOVE


This bundle pack is the ultimate in glider cleaning and protection, this offer enables you to purchase the AEROLACK All in One and INSECT REMOVE together at a discounted price.

Bundle Package 2 Aerolack All in One + Shampoo + Insect Remove


The Aerolack Bundle 2 comprises the Aerolack All in One, Shampoo and Insect Remove making this even better value when bought together. Perfect for the finish every time.




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