FlarmView Ø 57mm



FlarmView 57 shows traffic information provided by FLARM or ADS-B devices. It displays climb rate, altitude and distance for selected target. It uses FLARMNET database for friendly target names. All manipulation is with a simple rotary encoder and push button control.


The Flarmview can replace or be added in addition to an existing flarm display through a simple daisy chain cable or simple substitution.


Main features

  • Loud acoustic warning
  • Colour warnings
  • A/C MODE traffic (undirected warnings)
  • Supports latest flarm dataport specificationVer.6
  • Compatible with  Flarm  and PowerFlarm
  • FlarmNet database + User database
  • intuitive user interface
  • 12V supply (may not work on old hardware designs, where only 3.3Volts are provided. For such cases we offer an adapter)
  • Easy firmware update via SD card


Colour Display

  • 262144 colors
  • 2''(5cm) screen size
  • QVGA resolution 320*240 pixels
  • Sunlight readable



  • Arm7 processor
  • External MicroSd card Slot
  • Two flarm ports (splitter not needed)
  • Internal piezo speaker
  • Rotary switch and push button


Power consumption

  • 0.84W - 70mA at 12V


Size and weight

  • Standard 57mm hole
  • 60mm*60mm*25mm
  • Weight 97g




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