Air Avionics TRX 1500

TRX-1500 is a collision avoidance system for remote installation. The system combines ADS-B and Transponder reception with a FLARM® transmitter and receiver. It features many interface options and is capable of sending traffic data to compatible traffic displays and portable moving-maps as well as professional avionics systems making integration into existing cockpits easy.

Easy Installation

TRX-1500 is compact, lightweight and only draws very little power. With its interfaces it can be effortlessly integrated into existing panels. At a weight of less than 180g it is even suitable for the 120kg class of microlight aircraft.


Traffic Detection

TRX-1500 receives the exact 3D-position of FLARM® and ADS-B Traffic as well as distance and relative altitude of Mode-S transponders. Additionally the own position is sent out to all FLARM® compatible systems - over 20.000 in use worldwide.



TRX-1500 features two independent traffic data channels for display systems or moving maps in NMEA or GARMIN® TIS® format and an audio output. In addition the TRX-1500A version has an ARINC429 interface integrated for connection to professional panel mount avionics like GARMIN® GNS® or GTN®.


Traffic Detection

  • FLARM® Transceiver (3D) with RX/TX amplifier
  • ADS-B Receiver (3D)
  • Transponder receiver (Altitude, Distance)


  • Dimensions: 63 x 38 x 108 mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 0,18kg


  • Input voltage 9V to 28V DC
  • Supply current typically ca. 0,13A at 12V
  • Supplies external display systems with 3.3V


  • RS232 NMEA for FLARM® compatible Displays and Moving-Maps
  • RS232 GARMIN® TIS® for portable GARMIN Moving Maps
  • Audio output to Headsets/Intercoms
  • ARINC 429 for panel mount GPS like GARMIN® GNS/GTN/G1000 (TRX-1500A only)

What’s in the box

  • TRX 1500 unit
  • ADS-B antenna
  • Dipole Flarm Antenna
  • Serial interface cable with power input kit
  • Instruction manual




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