NEW Electrical Rigging Aid from Soaringxx.


Very light and compact system with extremely user-friendly handling. Made from aluminium and Galvanized steel. Controlled by electric remote for easy height and lateral positioning.





    Remote controlled electric driven

    system (2 linear actuators,

    vertical and lateral)

    Linear actuator lifts up to 1500kN (2x)

    1x PB battery 2.0 Ah 12V included

    Frame made out of aluminium and galvenside steel (combined)

    Wing yoke and pads made of Fiberglass with foam around the edges

    Height: 80-100 cm

    Width: 80 cm

    Length: 40 cm

    System folds up nice and compact for stowage in your trailer or trailer tray

    Universal fitting - to all types of gliders (2 different profiles)

    Lightweight but sturdy design

    Product made to order and shipped direct


Demonstrator available to try before you buy! Please contact us for details here





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