Nano 3 Logger with vario and colour display



The Nano flight recorder is the smallest flight recorder designed according to the highest level IGC specification with Colour QVGA screen. It features an integrated 56-channel GPS receiver with built-in antenna. Allows up to 10 hours of stand-alone operation with built-in battery, without any power management, power management may increase operating time on battery. Bluetooth is used for easy data exchange with a PDA. Five LEDs display the operational status, when LCD is off. A 4Gb solid state memory. Flights are stored directly in IGC format and are downloadable in a few seconds through USB connection. The battery is charged when the flight recorder is connected to a computer or wall charger via MiniB USB connector. Nano III uses 2048bit digital signature, which is even higher than requested by new GFAC specification.


Colour Display

  • Sunlight readable LCD
  • 2'' (5.08cm) screen size
  • 262144 Colours
  • QVGA 340*240 RGB pixels (retina)



Main features

  • Integrated flight recorder to highest-level IGC specification
  • 2048bit digital signature
  • Built in high resolution variometer
  • Display of airspace (CUB compatible)
  • Display of tasks
  • Task and waypoint navigation (CUP compatible)
  • Built in hardware for inertial platform
  • App. 28000 hours of logger memory (at 1sec recording interval). That is more than three and half years of non-stop logging at 1 sec interval.
  • Flights stored in IGC format are downloadable through USB in a second
  • Integrated Bluetooth device (SPP)
  • Easy handling (Turn on and go)
  • Simple signalling LED's
  • Engine noise level detector
  • Simple manipulation
  • Automatic power down after landing (can be set by user)
  • Start logging at power on (for paragliders or pedestrians)
  • Toggle Bluetooth on and off pushing the rocker
  • Adjustable vario volume
  • Nanoconfig program for creating declaration and system settings (for PC and Android)



  • ARM M4 core processor 
  • 4 Gbytes of solid state memory
  • Push and lever button
  • 4 navigation buttons
  • 56-channel GPS receiver
  • Plug and play USB interface (mass storage device) 
  • USB Compatible with all operating systems (MS Win, Linux, Mac OS)
  • Engine noise level sensor
  • High resolution variometer same technology as on V9/V80 vario
  • Built in vario piezzo speaker
  • High resolution pressure altitude sensor measures up to 16000m
  • Inertial platform 3 axis accelerometer and 3 axis gyroscope.
  • Integrated LiIon battery  and smart power management, gives you up to 30 hours of independent power supply
  • Easy battery charger via USB port on your notebook, PC or wall charger
  • Robust  ABS plastic housing


Input and output

  • USB interface (mass storage device)
  • serial RS232 interface for PDA connection
  • Bluetooth interface  for wireless connection with PNA or Smart phone


Size and weight

  • Outline dimension 65*42*22mm
  • Weight: ~76g 



  • Nano Power DC-DC converter input up to 24V converts to 5V/1A
  • Connection cable to Oudie CC-NP-OUDIE
  • Connection cable to PDA/PNA (IPAQ38xx, HP31x) CC-NP-IPAQ
  • Connection cable to standard RS232 (DB9) CC-NP-232
  • Connection cable to RJ11 (IGC standard)  CC-NP-IGC



  • CarbonAero panel mount for LXNAV Nano 3 (see image below)
  • CarbonAero GoPro attachment mount for LXNAV Nano 3
  • LXNAV Nano 3M panel mount




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