Mountain High Accessories


To compliment, maintain or replace your existing Oxygen system, Mountain High has a range of regulators, face masks and upgrades available. Navboys either hold in stock or can deliver within 5 working days on all Mountain High equipment.



Testing & Verification: All of our regulators are 100% tested during assembly for multiple parameters before they are packaged and made ready for sale. Dynamic flow testing is performed with the regulator feeding through a mass-flow meter at the end of 20 feet of 6mm O.D. 4mm ID tubing to guarantee that the regulator will operate up to four EDS units at 18,000 ft. with a cylinder pressure as low as 500 psig. Glider systems have a typical length of 39" between the system and the user. Therefore, actual flow performance will usually be better while operating at lower cylinder pressures.

The XCR series of regulators are essentially single-outlet. These regulators feature the SMC quick-lock system for the 4 mm. and 6 mm. polyurethane tubing. Standard issue with our XCR and EDS single-place system packages is the 4 mm radial swivel-elbow regulator (REG1032). The axial versions are available in CGA-540 (Mountain High standard) and DIN-477 (for European bottles) with built-in cylinder pressure gauges.

Mountain High Face Masks


EDS-MASK replacement face mask, standard issue, with tube and connector for use with EDS systems at or above 18,000 ft. MSL. 

Mountain High Cannula - Standard


EDS-Cannula replacement cannula, standard issue with tube and connector for use with EDS systems up to 18,000 ft MSL.


Mountain High Cannula – Flare Tip


EDS-Cannula with flare tip is usually used for the users with larger nostrils. If the user is experiencing trouble triggering the EDS unit or has larger than average size nostrils, then the flare-tip cannula should be used.

This acts like a gasket, taking up some of the room between the Cannula and the nostril. By doing so the ability of the EDS unit to sense the drop in pressure during inhalation is increased

4mm Red Poly Tubing


Mountain High red poly tubing suitable for use with most of their oxygen systems that feature polyurethane tubing for the low-pressure inlet and outlet distribution runs.

This tubing is superior in ruggedness, resistance to fluids & abrasion, ease of installation and is very economical as compared to metal low pressure runs.


Buy from us in cut to order lengths from 1ft.

4mm Straight Union/Red Connector


Mountain High straight connector for red poly tubing - red poly tubing.

Great for joining pipe together.

Sold Individually.

4mm Y Split Kit


Split Kit 4mm (Y) Allows 2 EDS units to be installed to one XCR Type Regulator.

One way check valves are incorporated into the (Y) fitting.




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