Ditch your Ipaq and get an OuDIE IGC £ 50 off



You know it makes sense after many flights trying to read an Ipaq screen, numerous restarts in flight and difficult flight recorder download problems. Why not bite the bullet and take us up on our offer to trade in your old Ipaq and we will give you £ 50 off an Oudie IGC.

The Oudie IGC brings together the brilliants of the Oudie 2 Sunlight readable screen and world class SeeYou Mobile software with the stunning LXNAV Nano Flight recorder along with a 12 plus hour battery to deliver this “turn on and fly” secure flight recorder and navigation device. Including an Engine noise sensor and backup Vario at 350g it’s a featherweight with real punch. Full IGC approval now in place!

Main features:


  • Everything preinstalled – turn it on and fly
  • Sunlight readable screen
  • Highest level IGC approval pending
  • Engine Noise level integrated for gliders with engine
  • Backup vario
  • At least 12 hours battery autonomy at full backlight
  • Only 11 mm thicker than Oudie 2
  • Weighs 350 g

How the deal works


You place your order online by adding the special offer to your basket, choose your delivery method and then box up your Ipaq and send it to us (address details here) with the cradle and power supply if you have it. We will dispatch your new Oudie IGC as soon as we receive the Ipaq.

You may also like to protect your new Oudie IGC with a carry case!




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