Oudie LIVE


Oudie Live is a great new free Android app which you can download from the Google Play Store. It is designed to be hands-free, turn-on and forget type of an app. It allows your Oudie to pair with your Android phone so the Oudie can connect to the Internet to upload your flights to SeeYou Cloud and lots more!

Install Oudie Live


Download the Oudie Live App from the Goggle Play Store first and then click on the Oudie live icon. (Make sure your Oudie is up to date with the latest version of SeeYou Mobile for Oudie using the Oudie Updater. Details here)


Follow the Tutorial instructions on your phone to pair your devices (have your Oudie ready)


Enter your SeeYou Cloud username and password into your Oudie and go!



Tap the Oudie Live app icon


This is the Oudie Live tutorial on your Android phone

You need to pair Oudie to your Android smartphone once



Turn on Bluetooth discovery for a moment


Turn on Oudie Live server

Complete the setup on your Oudie. Done!


Note. If your SeeYou Cloud account has a password with lower case and or special characters, there are three pages in the keyboard character set, just press page at the bottom right of the screen. Info here!

As simple as that! If you want to repeat the tutorial simply press the “?” button in Oudie Live on your phone.

Automatic QNH correction


Do you often forget to set your takeoff altitude before takeoff and then wonder if the altitude is correct?


Oudie and its worldwide database of maps is now here to help. You will find a new checkbox in the Menu > MC & Altitude dialog. It’s called “Auto QNH” and does a pretty simple but very useful trick. It adjusts the current pressure altitude to the height of the nearest airport or ground height. Automatically! Like it? Try it and you will love it. It’s enabled by default.

And much much more:


  • IGC file is copied to microSD card automatically if card is present in the Oudie
  • Replay flight from Menu > Logbook > Statistics > Tools > Replay flight
  • New default colour scheme (more contrast, especially in flat land)
  • Automatic selection of airspace files with SeeYou Database (updated through Oudie Updater)
  • Communication with LXNAV V7 perfected (Needs an update of V7 firmware to 4.0)
  • Add waypoint on the map
  • New default profiles (selection of default navboxes, colors etc)
  • New default settings for airspace warnings (less warnings)
  • New default settings for airspace visibility (less thick lines)
  • + 40 other minor improvements and 34 bug fixes


This is without a doubt the most feature packed update for SeeYou Moblie and Oudie Naviter have ever done. More is prommised in the coming weeks!

Note. Oudie live is only available for Android. Unfortunately at this time there is no IOS version for IPhone.




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