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AIR Avionics have done it again with another highly sort after instrument. This next generation 8.33 kHz radio offers many new features such as and audio equalizer, GPS based frequency selection and it will also control their mode-S transponder


AIR Avionics pride themselves on designing easy to use equipment, this AIR COM is no exception to this rule and it breaks new ground being filled with technology whilst providing a simple operation to help reduce cockpit workloads.


The Radio Comes In Two Parts

AIR Display


The radio is one of the most used instruments in flight. However most radios feature small displays and often a cumbersome operation. AIR Control Display has the largest display in its class with simple robust controls which are perfectly usable even in turbulence or with gloves. The colour display performs extremely well in sunlight and shows all information large and clear. Letters and numbers are significantly larger than other radios.



AIR COM uses modern technology. It is by far the smallest and most lightweight aircraft radio unit on the market. For the first time an audio equalizer is used to improve clarity by adjusting the sound output. The digital design makes a broad variety of functions possible, such as the intercom, audio mixing, or individual adjustments to sound input and output. AIR COM features simultaneous monitoring of two frequencies at once ("dual watch") which will be a very interesting feature to some.

Frequency Database


AIR Control Display features a comprehensive frequency database. With this database, frequencies can be selected easily with selecting the desired airport or airspace. The database can be updated with the integrated microSD memory card. The integrated memory also allows for storing user-frequencies.


GPS Interface


With the integrated GPS interface, a list of nearest airports or airspaces can be displayed and corresponding frequencies can be easily selected.

Transponder Connection


For the first time it is possible to combine the control of the radio and an external MODE-S transponder in one 57mm instrument.

To facilitate this, a mode-S transponder (the AIR Avionics VT-01 main unit) can be connected to the AIR Control Display. Panel space is precious, displays get larger, and an ever growing number of instruments need to fit into smaller shrinking panels.



The AIR COM radio is now approved and in production but there is a huge back order list. They hope to start shipping before the end of 2016 but for orders taken now, delivery is expected from the spring of 2017.


Please contact us to pre order.




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