ICOM A120E Ground Support Radio

It’s taken a while but Navboys are very proud to have been appointed resellers of Icom hand held, vehicle and aircraft radios. Icom recognised our unique and focused support for the gliding community. We in turn realise that Icom is the best of breed when it comes to air band comms on the ground and in the air.


We use our hand held and vehicle radios daily and really need to depend on them so that is why we choose Icom.

A120E Clubhouse and Vehicle Kits

To get set up with the Icom A120E radio, you need to supply it with power and an Antenna which can be quite confusing. To help with this, we have two Kits which supply all the parts you need to set up the radio for Clubhouse and Vehicle requirements.


The Clubhouse Kit comes with a charger to plug into an AC socket and an Antenna to mount outside the Clubhouse. It also comes with 10m of cable to run between the two and the necessary sockets for the cable.


The Vehicle Kit comes with a Magnetic Vehicle Antenna to go on the roof of the vehicle and the wiring to link into your vehicle's power supply along with the adapter needed to plug the Antenna into the Radio.


If these two Kits don't quite meet your need, just give us a call or drop us a line here and we will be more than happy to work out a solution for you.

Airband Ground Support and Vehicle Radio

Icom’s IC-A120E ground-based panel-mount vehicle airband radio is the successor to the best selling IC-A110EURO airband transceiver. Aimed at Launch point, flying office and ground crew vehicles, this new model features both 8.33kHz and 25kHz channel spacing, plus the latest noise cancelling and Bluetooth technology

200 Memory Channels with Channel Name

The IC-A120 has 200 memory channels to store often used frequencies with 12-character channel name. With a high contrast dot matrix display, operating channels can be selected quickly and recognized easily. You can instantly program memory channels without requiring PC programming.

Active Noise Cancelling

Built-in active noise cancelling reduces background noise to up to 90% of the received signal and 30% in the transmitted signal. In addition, The ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) reduces pulse-type noise such as an engine ignition. These functions are effective in extremely noisy airport environments full of aircraft noise.

Optional Bluetooth Unit

When the optional UT-133 Bluetooth unit is installed, the IC-A120 can be used with a third-party wireless Bluetooth headset. When used the optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset, the side tone function is available for monitoring own transmitted voice.

Side Tone Function

When using a third-party headset with the optional OPC-871A headset adapter, the side tone function allows you to monitor your own transmitted voice via the connected headset. Even when using a hand microphone, your voice can be monitored from the headset.

IP54 Dust-Protection and Water Resistance

The IC-A120 has IP54 dust-protection and water resistance, allowing it to be used in wet and dusty conditions.

Optional Speaker-Microphone, HM-217

You can pull the speaker-microphone close to your ear to listen to received voice in noisy environments. The programmable buttons (P1/P2) on the front panel can be used as a shortcut to activate frequently used functions.

Convenient ON-Hook Scan Functions

The ON-Hook scan function automatically starts scanning when the hand microphone is hooked on the microphone hanger. The ON-Hook dualwatch function checks the priority and operating channels alternatively while ON-Hook. When you take the microphone OFF-Hook, the scanning stops at the priority channel or displayed channel, according to the pre-programming.

Other Features:

·         12- and 24-volt system compatible

·         8.33 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing

·         Side tone function with optional OPC-871A

·         Priority scan and Dualwatch function

·         Power on Password protection

·         CI-V command for external control

·         VE-PG3 RoIP gateway for interconnect with other radio systems and/or other audio devices


If you just require a few individual parts for the radio set ups, or are planning a different setup to the Clubhouse or Vehicle Kits, then you may want some of the equipment below.

The radio comes with an SO239 connector, so to plug the radio into an existing BNC antenna plug you will require one of these SO239 to BNC Adapters.

To plug the radio into an antenna that is not BNC, you will need this SO239UHF socket to plug into the A120E radio. This socket crimps to some 50 ohm cable which runs to the antenna. 

50 ohm cable to run between SO239UHF sockets from the A120E radio to the antenna. Sold by the metre.

The Antenna is made of fibreglass and fully weather proof. Tuned for civilian airband 108-137.975 use and comes with the connector to plug into the SO239UHF socket above.

This Antenna is for use on a Car or Van. It has a magnetic base so that it can be placed on the roof of the vehicle and then moved inside for driving. It is also tuned for the civilian airband 108 - 137.975 use and comes with a BNC connector will plug into the SO239 to BNC adapter socket above. 

Navboys Price Match Promise. If you find an Icom radio advertised cheaper elsewhere on the Internet in the UK, Navboys will match the price. Just give us a call or drop us a line Here.


Individuals, clubs and associations, please do get in touch to see what we can do to improve your on ground communications meeting the 833 requirements and obtaining the CAA 20% rebate. Here.





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