Navboys hold in stock a range of Radio accessories



Finished in black, this 400mm Dynamic Microphone is used for Becker radios or other manufacturers that support Dynamic Microphones. Some radios may require a specific wiring schema or a dynamic microphone adapter. Please check with your radio manual before ordering.



Finished in Black, this 400mm x 10mm diameter(super slim)  electret microphone is used for Dittel KRT2 radios and other manufactures that support electret microphones. Again it is best to check with your radio manual to make sure it will support this type of microphone before ordering.

Microphone Mounting Bracket


Finished in Black, this L-shaped bracket allows mounting of our gooseneck microphones shown above, to the side of the cockpit or canopy frame.

Radio or vario speaker


Weatherproof communication extension speaker in a compact robust black plastic cabinet. Can be used as a CB speaker. Asjustable mounting bracket is screw or adhesive fixing. 2m lead with a 3.5mm jack plug.

  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Dimensions: 55x65x65 mm
  • Speaker: 3W 
  • Weight: 0.18kg

BNC connector standard 50 Ohm cable


Crimp connector type for long lasting solid connections

BNC female to female 50 Ohm barrel connector


Ideal for connecting or joining two BNC 50 Ohm cables

50 Ohm Radio Antenna cable


Ideal cable for making up a new antenna in a glider or fixed ground antenna. 50 Ohm screened cable with PVC coating.

BNC Connector (Aircell 7 cable)


We also sell the BNC connectors especially for the thicker Aircell 7 cable (Typically the Transponder TNC end is normally in the transponder fitting kit.)

Aircell 7 cable


Aircell 7 is an ultra-flexible, low-loss coaxial cable for frequencies of up to 6 GHz. It’s very low loss and the small bending radius of the cable makes it ideal for avionic applications.


The great performance of Aircell 7 is achieved by a low-loss, humidity-resistant PE-LLC compound Dielectric with a gas percentage of more than 70%. The 19-core inner conductor, is made of oxygen-free (or low-in-oxygen as the book says) copper (OFC), allowing for the extraordinary flexibility of the cable.


The shield is manufactured with two layers of copper; on a thin, overlapping copper foil (100% shielding) is a braided copper mesh (70% shielding), giving it excellent shielding properties. The foil is PE-coated on the inner side, giving it good protection against splitting if the cable is bent too tightly. The black PVC Jacket of Aircell 7 is UV-stabilized.


We sell Aircell 7 by the cut meter.

However, many of our customers like to have a cable pre made with one Aircell 7 BNC end so they can thread the cable through and terminate with either their own connector or one of our sold separately ones.

1A005 Becker Glider Radio Antenna


Special antenna for installation in glass fibre glider

VHF Antenna for Fiberglass Aircraft

VHF Radio Antenna


Whip VHF antenna for installation powered aircraft.

Comes with mounting kit and has a male BNC connector at the bottom.




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