SeeYou Mobile


SeeYou Mobile is the must have reliable in flight navigation software to help you fly your task safely and efficiently. With a combination of World Championship winning task planning, in flight progress monitoring, airspace alerts, terrain alerts and more, this software is truly the most complete package you can take flying with you. Used by numerous World Champions, club pilots and beginners this is really the No 1 choice.

Designed by glider pilots for glider pilots, the software is aimed at PDA and PNA devices with Windows Mobile or Windows CE operating system. Although other devices are available, SeeYou Mobile works best on the Oudie 2 with its sunlight readable screen. Fast, efficient and very connected, it works well with all the top brand products on this site.

Not only does the software work well in the air, it integrates seamlessly with SeeYou on the PC used by clubs and competitions all over the world. So if your task is set using SeeYou for PC then you can be sure it works perfectly on SeeYou mobile.




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