Tapes and Mylar's

We have put together a list of the most common tapes and mylar’s used in gliding. We don’t use cheep copies, only films and cloth tapes from Tessa and Mylar’s from Streifeneder. Please contact us if you wish us to put together a kit for you.

Tesa Capping Tape,


Super thin capping tape to make the transition between wing and mylar nice and smooth. Available in widths from 12mm to 38mm in rolls of 66m

Tesa Cloth Tape


Tesa fabrice tape is frequently used for sealing control surfaces where Mylar is not requried. On many surfaces it is common to seal one side with Mylar and the other (less drag critical) side with Tesa tape, thus allowing easy access to control hinges for lubrication without costly mylar replacement. Tesa tape is available in several widths and sold in 50 metre rolls.

Tesa Double Sided Tape


Tesa double sided tape for attaching curved and flat mylar. Sold in 50m rolls and available in different widths from 9mm to 19mm.




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