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Here at Navboys we have had some experience with Transponders in gliders and fitting them is always a bit of a challenge. Having the right bits of course does help and we have researched the best choice of parts on the market for you. If you have done any looking about for the antenna parts you will know that the cable connecting the Transponder to the antenna is really important. So we have not compromised with cheap Coax cable, we only supply the industry best Aircell 7 low loss cable. To compliment this we supply the best quality solder and crimp connectors to give you the best connection to your antenna. Finally, we have a choice of Antenna that have proved popular with other client installations.

Aircell 7 cable


Aircell 7 is an ultra-flexible, low-loss coaxial cable for frequencies of up to 6 GHz. It’s very low loss and the small bending radius of the cable makes it ideal for avionic applications.


The great performance of Aircell 7 is achieved by a low-loss, humidity-resistant PE-LLC compound Dielectric with a gas percentage of more than 70%. The 19-core inner conductor, is made of oxygen-free (or low-in-oxygen as the book says) copper (OFC), allowing for the extraordinary flexibility of the cable.


The shield is manufactured with two layers of copper; on a thin, overlapping copper foil (100% shielding) is a braided copper mesh (70% shielding), giving it excellent shielding properties. The foil is PE-coated on the inner side, giving it good protection against splitting if the cable is bent too tightly. The black PVC Jacket of Aircell 7 is UV-stabilized.


We sell Aircell 7 by the cut meter.

BNC Connector


We also sell the BNC connectors especially for the thicker Aircell 7 cable (Typically the Transponder TNC end is normally in the transponder fitting kit.)

However, many of our customers like to have a cable pre made with one Aircell 7 BNC end so they can thread the cable through and terminate with the provided connector from the Transponder fitting kit.

TNC Connector


TNC connector especially for the thicker Aircell 7 cable.

Typically the Transponder TNC end is normally in the transponder fitting kit however if it is not then you will need one of these.

Transponder Rod Antenna


Chrome plated, phosphor bronze radiating element mounted in Teflon insulator. Ball tip for low-noise static discharge. May be installed from the outside. 

Transponder Blade Antenna


The Blade transponder antenna is a broad band blade type antenna for transponder or DME application. The antenna housing is constructed of an acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylic (ASA) shell. The white colour allows maximum performance without losses due to colour pigments or unseen dirt. The antenna is supplied with cellular neoprene mounting pad and hardware. The antenna has a drag force of 0.09 lbs @ 250 mph, perfect for gliders.

If you can’t find what you are looking for to fit your transponder or would like Navboys to fit it for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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