Winter 5 Way Quick Connection


Hose connections are not usually easily accessible when an instrument panel is installed or removed. This 5 way hose coupling makes it quick and easy.

Winter Single Tube Connection


High quality metal tube straight connector

Winter T Tube Connection


High quality metal tube T connector

Silicon Donut Locking Rings


Silicon donut locking rings designed to lock tubing onto fittings. Supplied in a pack of 5

Silicon Tubing


Silicon 5mm tubing. Sold per M

PVC Tubing


Clear PVC 5mm tubing. Sold per M

Instrument Hole Blanking Plate 57mm


Fill unsightly, empty instrument holes in your panel with this blanking plate.

Instrument Hole 80mm to 57mm Adapter Plate


Use this adapter plate to mount a 57mm instrument in a 80mm hole.

Flarm LED or FlarmView Mounting Bracket


Use this L-shaped mounting bracket to mount your Flarm LED display or FlarmView on your panel.


(Image shows FlarmView mount)




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