Tyres and Tubes

Navboys now carry a stock of the most common tail wheel tyres and tubes along with tail wheel tow out gear simple wheels and spare’s. Aircraft tyres and tubes are from TOST as fitted by most aircraft manufacturers. The tow out Wheels, tyres and tubes are not!

Tailwheel tyres


Aircraft tyres by TOST, 200 x 50 AERO 6pr for Schemp and JS. 210x65 2pr for Schleicher and DG aircraft.

tailwheel tubes


Aircraft TOST Tubes 200x 50 with a choice of valve angle 90deg / 90deg or 90deg / 30 deg

TOST Brass Tailwheels

One of the most effective ways of moving a glider's center of gravity rearwards is to fit a brass tailwheel.


TOST manufacture high quality brass tailwheels to be used on a variety of gliders. 


Available for two tyre sizes (210x65 and 200x50) and for two bearing sizes for axle diamters of 12mm and 20mm.

Tow Out Wheel


Tow out gear tyres, tubes and complete wheels, please not these are not aircraft grade material and should only be used for ground handling equipment.

Tow Out Wheel Accessories


All our tow out wheels have a 20mm axel bearing but many tow out wheels have a 12mm axel. We offer either a solid 20mm to 12mm 57mm long tube suitable for heavy gliders or a pair of reducing top hats for light gliders.




TOST Valve Extensions

High quality valve extensions. It’s the must have for any glider pilot to get at those fiddly glider tyre valves.


Available in 4 types displayed left to right

1: Straight 24mm, short valve thread. Includes cap with valve key

2: Straight 24mm

3: 90deg 35mm

4: Straight 94mm

TOST Spares


We are a TOST Approved Dealer and sell all Tost Spares, hooks, wheels, tyres, tubes, brakes ETC

Contact Us for a specific quotation.




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