LX 232 Radio/Transponder Bridge

Many of the new 833 radios and Mode S transponders have an RS232 NMEA interface to receive and transmit data allowing you to control the devices externally. This ability was not lost on LXNAV and the team set to work creating a 232 bridge device to connect the LX 8xxx and LX9xxx devices to these remote devices. At the same time, they create some very clever software that allows both manual change of the Transponder squawk code and or automatic change of the Radio frequency based on airport “go-to”.

All this clever stuff makes light work in stressful situations. So if you are on a navigational page (Airport, waypoint or Task) then you can press the Xpdr button for Transponder and this will show you the current squawk code, Transponder mode and Flight level. You can then adjust the mode or squawk code via the drop down menus, rotary   knobs or the LXNAV remote stick.

If you have a Radio Bridge connected, from any navigational page you can press the Radio button and this will show you the current frequency, standby frequency allow you to change the frequency, volume and squelch. The LX software also gives you a history of the last used frequencies or will take the frequency associated with any airfield in the airports database. A real time saver when you are low and need to call the ATC!




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