LXNAV Compass Module

The LX Magnetic compass comprises a 32bit microcontroller combined with sensors 3 axis, 3 x accelerometers, 3 x magnetometers, to generate a very accurate measurement of magnetic heading (compared with GPS calculation). The Magnetic heading is “tilt” compensated; calculations are performed 50 times per second and produce a stable reference heading for wind calculations and course change and direction information. The Compass automatically calibrates itself during flight. The LX Magnetic compass can be added to any existing or new LX90xx or LX80xx units through a standard RS485 bus connection.

Adding the LX Magnetic Compass module to an LX90xx or LX80xx enhances the directional stability of the calculated heading and is particularly useful when flying in the mountains where wind direction and strength change is frequent. When fitted, an HSI (Horizontal situation Indicator) can also be added to the moving map display as well as being used to calculate wind direction and strength more accurately.

Technical specification:

  • 32bit arm microcontroller
  • 3 axis accelerometer
  • 3 axis magnetometer



  • 30mA at 12V


Dimensions and weight

  • 40mm*4mm*15mm
  • 100g




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