LXNAV S80 80mm and S8 57mm Vario and final glide computer



Standard ø80mm or ø57mm all glass Variometer with extremely powerful processor • Using MEMS inertial platform and pressure sensors • built in AHRS • 3.5” (S80) of 2.5" (S8) high brightness screen (320x240 pixels) sunshine readable • Fast wind calculation 50 times per second. Built in Flarm display, navigation, airspace, “go to” waypoint and task planning. GPS or Flarm input and PDA/Oudie power and data output. (AHRS enabled though additional firmware).



The popular LXNAV S80 and S8 standalone varios now have a new variant available. If you need a standalone variometer, with all the same connectivity, upgradeability and accuracy as the S80/S8, but without the need for airspace, tasks, pilot profiles and remote inputs (airbake, undercarriage warnings etc), then the S80/S8 Club is the choice for you. Built with the exact same hardware as for the S80/S8, these units can be upgraded to include any of the above features as a software upgrade - meaning it can be upgraded to full S80/S8 functionality at any point in the future. They can also be upgraded to include AHRS, compass and bluetooth functionality just like the S80/S8.

Options for S80 club and S8 Club Varios


  • ARM Cortex-M4 processor running on 160MHz
  • External SD card for configuration, firmware update
  • 3.5'' (S80) or 2.5" (S8) QVGA sunlight readable screen with 1200nits
  • 3 push buttons for setting adjustments
  • ALS (ambient light sensor)

Input and output

  • RS485 bus
  • CAN bus

Power supply

  • Power input 6-18V DC
  • Consumption ~100mA at 12V

Size and weight

  • 80 mm (3.15") standard aircraft cut-out for the LXNAV S80 indicator unit
  • 57mm standard aircraft cut-out for the LXNAV S8 indicator unit
  • S80 81x81x45mm
  • S 8 58x58x45mm
  • Sensor box: 65x45x85mm (not including connector)
  • S80 All together: 81x81x132mm (not including connector)
  • S8 All together: 65x58x132mm (not including connector)
  • Weight: 460g (290g for S80D)
  • Option to split sensor unit from display unit (requires additional cable and special order)
First look at the all glass LXNAV S80 Vario
Downloadable PDF of the first look at the LXNAV S80 vario
First look at the all glass LXNAV S80 Va[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [842.1 KB]

Two seat setup


Both the S80 and S8 have rear seat repeaters (S80D and S8D) and are interchangeable. i.e. you can mix and match S80/S8 with S80D/S8D. The second unit is more than just a repeater display; it has all of the same functionality as the main unit. Front and back units are connected together with a CAN Bus cable carrying both data and power. One of the great features of the S80 and S8 is connectivity for a PDA or Oudie including power and data from the main unit. You can also drive a second rear seat PDA or Oudie using a CAN2PDA box. This small box connects into the CAN Bus between the front and rear S80 or S8 and provides data and power to the second PDA or Oudie. Parameter changes from PDA to and from the vario are possible such as MacCready, QNH etc.




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