LX Remote Stick For LX8080, LX8000, LX9000



New Ergonomic remote stick with 7 push buttons and joystick for easier navigation within LX 8080, LX8000 and LX9000 software. Available in three stick diameters for a range of aircraft along with engine start and event button options.

The LXNAV remote stick is designed for three different versions

  • Standard version
  • Shempp Hirth version with red starter button for Motor gliders
  • EB28 version with trim switch


Standard remote stick is also designed for different diameters of command handles. 

  • 19.3mm (DG, LAK),
  • 20mm (SH, LS, Stemme, Apis, EB29),
  • 24mm (Schleicher, Pipistrel Taurus, Alisport Silent, EB28)
  • 25,4mm (JS1).




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