LX8000 3.5" Colour Navigation and Vario System

The LX8000 is a high end vario navigation system with extremely bright colour display. Simple and logical user interface is designed for top-level competitors, club operation as well as for gliding beginners. Instrument is preloaded with worldwide terrain maps, airspace and airports databases. User friendly data exchange is done using SD Card or USB interface. LX8000 has an integrated FLARM collision avoidance system and flight recorder according to IGC specification for all flights including world records.  X8000 copes with complex tasks such as assigned area. In flight optimization meeting FAI and OLC rules.

Display unit features

  • Extremely bright colour 3.5" (9cm) QVGA display (320 by 240 pixels)
  • Sunlight readable display (1200 cd) with backlight automatically adapted using photo-sensor
  • Full customization with LX Styler program
  • ARM processor with up to 800Mhz clock and 4GB storage memory
  • 16-channel uBLOX GPS receiver
  • FLARM transmitter and receiver
  • Engine noise level sensor
  • Pressure altitude sensor
  • Integrated SD card reader, USB interface, Serial RS232, RS485 bus
  • Dimensions: 98 x 88 x 65 mm (WxHxD)  Weight: ~500g
  • Power input 10-24 V DC, consumption at 12V 250-350mA


Vario unit

  • Mechanical needle and colour display with 320 by 240 pixels
  • Inertialy assisted high precision pressure sensors with 100Hz sampling rate
  • Built-in voice module
  • Dimensions: Ø57mm, 61 x 61 x 92 mm
  • Consumption at 12V 160-300mA

Input and output

  • Integrated SD card reader
  • Two serial RS232 interfaces
  • RS485 bus interface
  • FLARM interface
  • USB interface


Optional Accessories

  • Rear seat device LX8000D
  • Remote stick
  • High precision compass
  • Voice module (integrated in V5 as standard part)
  • Additional external V5 indicator
  • External FLARM display
  • ADSB receiver (see other aircrafts as flarm objects on map)
  • Artificial horizon LX AHRS


Power and battery

  • Current drain display unit 230mA at 12V without integrated Flarm at 50% LCD brightness (600nits - stillreadable under sunlight)
  • Current drain display unit 290mA at 12V without integrated Flarm at 100% LCD brightness (1200nits)
  • Without Flarm option is additional 20mA
  • Current drain vario unit 120mA at 12V
  • Smart power management
  • Automatic backlight regulation


Size and weight

  • Display unit 98mm x 88mm x 65mm depth
  • Vario unit fi57mm x 92mm depth
  • Weight: ~500g (without vario unit)




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