Improving Flarm coverage



Flarm is a great safety tool and is now installed in around 50% of uk gliders. However, getting the most out of it depends on two or three factors.

  1. Aerial position and exposure
  2. The position of other aerials such as gps
  3. The type of Aerial used


Take and look at the Flarm range test below

This shows that the average flarm intercept range is 2.437 Km but in the vital dead ahead position the range is only 2km. At this point the intercept line touches the green line. The green line is the bare minimum acceptable for a glider travelling at 200kph. (108 knots) Now we may not travel at that speed often but 90 knots is quite common and the weakness is clear. i.e. if you are head on with another glider with the same poor coverage, at a closing speed of 190 knots (352kph) that gives you approximately 20 seconds to look, see, react and avoid each other! Now look at the next analysis. 

This huge 36% improvement in average contact range from 2.437 to 3.792km and maximum range from 5.695 to 31.493km was achieved by moving the Flarm aerial a few centimetres! That nearly doubles your time to look, see and avoid in 38 seconds.


Alternatively, if moving aerials around does not give you the improvement you are looking for then you could change your aerial for a better performing model! Navboys use and sell the P01 Antenna which in test have shown to improve Flarm range up to and beyond 40%. You can find more details about this here.

Having a Flarm is good, have a Flarm that really works is Excellent. What is the performance of you Flarm like? Every glider is different so start by establishing your coverage today.

You can check this by following the link to the download page and using the free Flarm check tool for either your Redbox or Swiss Flarm produced IGC file or if you have an LXNav product. Flarm check page here

Alternatively call NAVboys and we can check it out for you here


You didn’t see that coming did you! 




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