Loading an IPAQ with an airspace or turnpoint file


All pretty normal stuff but with so many new Seeyou Mobile users it’s useful to start from scratch. You can do this via Active sync but SD card method is more reliable.

*Section A*

Starting at your PC

  • Insert sd card into PC then Go to www.NAVboys.com and visit the downloads page. Click waypoints.zip -> Open ->extract all files -> Extract. Then copy and paste to SD card
  • Now to the IPAQ
  • Insert SD card into the top of the IPAQ
  • Then go to: Start-> Programs-> File explorer-> Storage card
  • Tap and hold on required file and select copy from drop down box
  • Tap the down arrow next to storage card and select device-> my documents -> mSeeYou
  • Tap anywhere that is free and select paste

*Section B*

  • Next open Seeyou Mobile
  • Select Menu-> Settings-> Next-> Next-> Files
  • Tap the grey box next to waypoints and select you file from the list. If none of the other files listed are required then unselect them and click ok at the bottom of the screen. To check tap the grey box next to waypoint and you will see just your file selected.

But you don’t want to do all that!!!!!

Messing about with an old piece of kit...often hard to see with worn input sockets. So ditch the Ipaq and get a shiny new Oudie preloaded with the latest UK turn points and maps and with its own internal gps you need not worry about loss of signal from an external gps source again. Follow this link here for the special deals!




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