LX Firmware 4



Version 4 of the long awaited LXNAV firmware is now available for the LX8080, 8000, 9000 and the new LX9070. This is probably the most significant free upgrade since the LX9000 hit the streets. It adds loads of new features including the new AHRS capability.

Main features:

  • Vario filter customization
  • Added V9 AHRS functionality
  • Added new symbols and symbol subtypes:
  • Flaps symbol
  • DataSym: Thermal glide ratio
  • DataSym: Optimized Home Distance
  • DataSym: Teamcode for my position
  • DataSym: Teamcode for waypoint
  • DataSym: Requested Flaps
  • DataSym: Current Flaps


Added new styles to AHRS symbol:

  • Square
  • Circle
  • Rounded square
  • Added support to select files from external SD card without loading them to internal flash memory:
  • Airspaces
  • Airports
  • Waypoints
  • Raster maps
  • PDF files
  • Profiles
  • Added admin mode
  • Added PDF viewer
  • Profile changes:
  • Added full profile import/export (adds points, user airspaces)
  • Added copying of device settings from one profile to another
  • New aircraft warning features:
  • Added FLARM traffic ping
  • Added FLARM data relaying to second seat and also second seat NMEA output port
  • Added sending of flight declaration to external FLARM devices
  • Added PCAS drawing on map and radar
  • Added shaded airspace border drawing
  • Logbook changes:
  • Added OLC distance, flown distance, takeoff time and landing time
  • Logbook is now also saved on external SD
  • Optimization changes:
  • ENL is used for flight optimization
  • Added team code functionality
  • Added NMEA setup on second seat
  • Added Vario Indicator, V5 and V9 automatic brightness control
  • Added automatic external device update dialog


Other changes:

  • Obstacle zone calculation changes
  • Added wing area to polar settings
  • Added new glider presets with polars
  • Landing gear warning improvements
  • Increased graphical interface text sizes
  • Track time can now be set to 1200 minutes



  • Fixed ETA calculation when MacCready is 0
  • Spheroid distance calculation bug fix
  • Fixed average wind calculation
  • Fixed task declaration time
  • Thick line drawing bug fix
  • CUB file bug fix
  • Pan mode bug fixes
  • Side symbol drawing bug fix
  • Second seat communication fixes
  • History symbol drawing bug fix




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