2L Steel oxygen bottle

2L Steel oxygen bottle
 2L Steel oxygen bottle2L Steel oxygen bottle 

Our Price:  £350.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£291.67 Exc. VAT)

German Steel oxygen bottle for many older German gliders including Schleichers, LS and DGs.

This bottle comes with the European DIN-477 thread so will need a DIN-477 regulator.

The steel bottles also come with no gauge, so you will need a DIN-477 regulator with gauge to monitor pressure levels.

If you buy this bottle as part of a kit you will automatically be provided with the correct regulator.

Please note: we can only ship oxygen bottles empty.


Dimensions: 100mm diameter, length 58cm, length to bottleneck 47cm.

Capacity: will hold 600L of oxygen  (at 200 bar filling pressure)

Weight: 4.8kg.

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