P01 Flarm Antenna

P01 Flarm Antenna

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The P01 high performance Flarm Antenna has been designed to extend flarm visibility range and reduce the risk of Electro Static Discharge (ESD).

Typically, by using this antenna instead of your standard supplied ¼ wave whip aerial you should be able to see up to and over 40% air range improvement. This could lead to a doubling of the air range of two P01 equipped aircraft dramatically improving safety margins for collision avoidance.

In addition to the range improvements, the antenna uses grounding techniques for superior isolation. By design, the P01 antenna is by itself a short circuit to the glider ground for DC connection providing the best protection for the Flarm receiver against ESD damage.

Mounting the antenna is simple but does require a little more space than the standard antenna. Positioning it within the instrument panel is fine as long as this is not made of carbon. Best results are seen when as much of the antenna can be set to extend through the top of the instrument panel. However, there are other mounting options for instance; the antenna is flexible enough to mount against the side of the aircraft as long as it is not carbon or metal! Following the basic principal of “if you can see the sky from where it is the better the performance”

Whilst we are primarily interested in safety and improvement in early warning, this antenna does improve your Flarm range. So if you are interested in seeing what other Flarm equipped gliders are up to out of visual range, this little add on will go some way to improving your chances!

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