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Trade in Old Flarm for LXNAV PowerMouse IGC

Trade in Old Flarm for LXNAV PowerMouse IGC

Our Price:  £811.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£675.83 Exc. VAT)
Flarm Display Type:  
ENL - Activated:  
Second Antenna Option (with License):  
Second Antenna Option (No License):  
Integrated ADSB Module:  

Brand:  LXNAV

Upgrade any old Flarm to a new PowerMouse Flarm and save £ 100. Just place your order for a PowerMouse Flarm and then send us your old Flarm and power cable. You keep any displays you have and when we receive your old Flarm, we will send you a new PowerMouse Flarm. All you then have to do, is plug it in!

The great FlarmMouse has got a new powerful member in the Family. The PowerMouse is a more powerful standalone box hidden behind/below the cockpit dashboard It has an integrated USB port which easy to use than the SD card slot. It has a built in Bluetooth module which works with Android and iOS, GPS module and the option of an IGC flight recorder with internal pressure sensor. The Power Mouse is based on a PowerFLARM technology. Second Flarm antenna and integrated ADSB option also available.

Main features
Bluetooth module BT3.0 an BT4.0LE (for Android and iOS)
External USB connector for an easy data exchange behind the cockpit panel
Optional IGC flight recorder Up to Diamonds (applied for)
Optional ENL – engine noise level sensor
Optional second Flarm Antenna
Built in flarm splitter – easy to connect to second display or nav device
Expandable to all standard Flarm displays (3V and 12V)
PowerFlarm platform

Input and output
USB connector
2x RJ45 Flarm connector
GPS connector
2x Flarm antenna

Size and weight
Outline dimension: 55mm x 90mm x 25mm
Weight: 160g

Power Supply
Input 8-36V DC
Consumption: 1.02W (85mA @12V) excl. power for USB stick

IGC flight recorder
ENL – engine noise level
RFB – second flarm receiver (dual antenna diversity)