SeeYou PC license, inc 12 month subscription for Android and iOS

SeeYou PC license, inc 12 month subscription for Android and iOS

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Brand:  Naviter

SeeYou is a flight planning and analysis tool for glider, paraglider and hang glider pilots. It is designed for Windows PC as well as Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

Its functions before the flight allow you to plan tasks, manage waypoint lists and upload all that to the navigation device of your choice. This is an essential step in planning badge or record flights and allows you to plan your way around airspace, obstacles and terrain. After the flight it allows you to download flights from your logger or GPS devices, see your flight on the map, analyse it into the tiniest details through Statistics and 3D view. You can then compare your flights with your friends and competitors to work out who flew where and how they got on.

SeeYou is now closely integrated with SeeYou Cloud in order to deliver seamless comfort in viewing your flights on home PC, at work, on your Tablet or Smartphone. Simply upload your flight to SeeYou Cloud at the end of the day to make your flight available to all your other connected devices.

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