Speed Coat 500ml bottle

Speed Coat 500ml bottle
 Speed Coat 500ml bottleSpeed Coat 500ml bottle 

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Brand:  Speed Coat

“Speed Coat” is a high performance surface treatment designed to reduce drag and increase flying surface performance. Rumoured to be used by top formula one teams, this advanced paint sealant system employs Nanotech designer technology in combination with a rich blend of Zonyl acrylics & PTFE. Suitable for cars, aircraft, gelcoat and GRP applications. UV, Salt and detergent resistant. Tests have shown “Speed Coat” out-perform any other system.

Method of Use: Can be used on all paint types. Apply to pre cleaned surface and allow to “haze” semi dry. (Do not allow to dry completely under the heat of the sun). If it does dry, simply wet surface with more product and buff off. Suitable for hand polishing or used with rotary polishers.