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Aerotow Rope

Aerotow Rope£110.00

Aerotow Rope - prebuilt

Aerotow Rope - prebuilt
Aerotow Rope - prebuiltAerotow Rope - prebuiltAerotow Rope - prebuilt

Our Price:  £210.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£175.00 Exc. VAT)


Aerotow rope - approximately 50m - already spliced with a set of TOST rings on one end and a TOST brown weak link connected to a set of TOST rings on the other end.

This rope has been pre-stretched by the manufacturer to give a very low stretch rope.

3 strand polyester is a traditional rope made from high-grade polyester. The rope is processed to reduce the extension under load to a minimum, yet retain the ability to be easily spliced. Polyester is easy to handle when wet or dry and is highly resistant to UV light and weathering.

Breaking load 1650KG