AIR Protect - 25mm - L sheet

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15mm Comfour foam layer
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AIR Protect Foam Sheet - Size: 420x470x25mm

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"94% of all pilots injured in landing accidents have spinal injuries" - German safety study

Protect your back!

AIR Protect Foam protects your spine and back during hard landings and in crash situations. AIR Protect Foam is an energy-absorbing foam, such as those used in ejection seats and helicopter seats. Energy-absorbing foam cushions have been used successfully for many years, especially in gliding.

Best possible seating comfort

AIR Protect Foam has a pleasant memory effect and therefore significantly increases seating comfort, especially during long flights. The foam adapts itself to the body and allows fatigue-free sitting without pressure points or punctual stress on the body. The open foam structure is also breathable.

Effective protection, already from 25mm thickness

Even the thinnest thickness of AIR Protect Foam (13mm) reduces the strain on the spine when short-term high forces are applied, such as those that occur during hard landings or crashes. AIR Protect Foam can easily be adapted to seats/seat tubs or existing seat covers, it can be cut with scissors and integrated into existing seat cushions without any problems. We therefore strongly recommend the use of AIR Protect Foam in ANY aircraft!

Temperature resistant, durable and safe

AIR Protect Foam is a fully synthetic hi-tech product. Unlike many, mostly more expensive, competitors, AIR Protect Foam is not partly made of rubber and is therefore more temperature resistant, UV stable and very durable. Other foam systems often harden already at moderately low temperatures and thus lose their protective effect. Even at low temperatures (e.g. during wave flying) the properties of AIR Protect Foam are better preserved.


    Size: "Size L" 420mm x 470mm
    Thickness: "Medium" 25mm


    density: 80kg per cubic meter
    Easy to shape and process
    Fully synthetic polyurethane foam
    Temperature resistant (maintains properties even at very low temperatures)

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