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LXNAV S8£1,316.00

S8D/S10D rear seat repeater

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Refurbished S8 standalone vario and S8d repeater

Refurbished S8 standalone vario and S8d repeater

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Brand:  LXNAV

Refurbished LXNAV S8 57mm standalone vario and S8D 57mm repeater complete with wiring harness and speaker. Complete kit with latest firmware and ready to go.
Standard ø57mm all glass Variometer with extremely powerful processor • Using MEMS inertial platform and pressure sensors • built in AHRS • 3.5” (S80) of 2.5" (S8) high brightness screen (320x240 pixels) sunshine readable • Fast wind calculation 50 times per second. Built in Flarm display, navigation, airspace, “go to” waypoint and task planning. GPS or Flarm input and PDA/Oudie power and data output. (AHRS enabled though additional firmware).

    • ARM Cortex-M4 processor running on 160MHz
    • 2.5'' QVGA sunlight readable screen with 1200nits
    • QVGA (320*240pixels) sunlight readable display
    • Digital temperature compensated pressure sensors for altitude and airspeed
    • inertial platform 3 axis digital +-8g accelerometer, 3 gyroscopes (for inertial vario, AHRS and wind calculation - AHRS can be activated with code)
    • Dual pressure Technology
    • Smooth audio output
    • Audio equalizer
    • integrated synthesized speech output 
    • audible thermal assistant
    • External SD card for configuration, flarmnet and firmware update
    • 2 rotary switches (knobs) with push button function and 3 push buttons are used for input
    • ALS (ambient light sensor)
    • 6 digital inputs - SC, VP + 4 custom defined
    • 16 bit color display
    • 2.5”(~ 6.5cm) screen
    • 320 by 240 pixel resolution


    • GPS port input/output on RS232 level (standard IGC 6 pin connector RJ11)
    • PDA port input/output on RS232 or TTL level for PDA/PNA devices with 5V power supply (8 pin RJ 45, 5V output max 2A)
    • audio output
    • 1Mbit CAN bus for connection for S8D repeater, compass or remote stick
    • Speed command and Vario priority input + 4 additional inputs
    • Two Rotary knobs with push function
    • 3 push buttons


    • Moving map with airspace track up option
    • Airspace display
    • Waypoints and Task display
    • AHRS display (optional)
    • Thermal assistant
    • Display of 4 configurable values
    • Display of 3 configurable values on map screen
    • Waypoint navigation
    • TASK navigation
    • Flarm radar
    • Flarm warnings
    • Flarm Net


    • AHRS activation with a CODE - no need for any hardware upgrade
    • Remote stick
    • Compass module (not supported yet - under development)
    • S8D repeater unit
    • Oudie
    • Bluetooth
    • Nano/Nano3
    • FLAP sensor


    • Power input 10-16 V DC
    • Consumption of LXNAV S8 at 12 V:
      • 120 mA - minimum brightness without audio.
      • 180 mA - maximum brightness without audio.
    • Consumption of LXNAV S8D at 12 V:
      • 90mA - maximum brightness


    • Standard 57mm (21") hole
    • 61mm x 61mm x 95mm (exclusive connector)
    • Weight: ~330g

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