About Us

Navboys was initially formed to respond to a demand for good customer service and technical knowledge within the UK for the latest avionics from LXNAV. The business has grown from operating an online shop out of Shaun's living room at its birth, to its current professional workshop premises on Lasham Airfield. The online shop has grown along the way, with a constantly expanding range of products, with the aim of creating a one-stop-shop for all glider pilots' needs. Since expanding our team in 2019, we now offer a wider range of services to the gliding market, on top of advice for and fitting avionics, we are now capable of carrying out annual inspections, ARC renewals and repairs on gliders.

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Shaun Lapworth

BGA Inspector with ratings for self-sustainers + TMG

ARC Signatory

Shaun has been gliding for 17 years, has all three diamonds and is a keen club and national competition pilot. With a background in IT and an interest in navigation, starting a gliding  business seemed to be a natural choice. Shaun flies from Lasham but also likes to fly in South Africa where he holds the 500km British and Continental record at 175kph. Shaun is well known for his benevolence; he will always go out of his way to assist others with issues on the grid, and has continuously shown generosity when supporting junior pilots to get the equipment they need to achieve their full potential.



Jake Brattle


BGA Inspector with ratings for self-sustainers, TMG + composite repair

ARC Signatory

Jake started gliding after a trial flight at the age of 13 with the Kent Gliding Club and has never looked back. He moved to Nympsfield when he started his Aerospace Engineering Degree at the University of Bristol. This is where he caught the bug for racing in gliders. Jake has flown over 25 competitions and represented the British Team twice, winning the Junior World Gliding Championships in 2019. Jake started to build his workshop experience at Targett Aviation. Since moving to Navboys, Jake has built up his experience specialising in avionic installations and panel rebuilds. He is well known as being a 'go-to' person on the grid and is often seen with his head inside someone else's cockpit troubleshooting at weekends and competitions alike.

Ben Hughes


BGA Inspector with ratings for self-sustainers, TMG + composite repair

ARC Signatory

Ben lives for gliding. He started gliding at the age of 16, at Yeovilton and whilst studying for his degree, Ben was still heavily involved within the sport; organising junior events, working as ground staff at Lasham and flying at weekends at the Long Mynd. Ben is a keen cross country and competition pilot and has flown throughout Australia and Europe. He has built up his engineering experience working for the Schempp-Hirth dealers in both the UK and Australia, where he had the opportunity to learn how to carry out major structural repairs on composite gliders. Ben has an encyclopedic knowledge of gliders and gliding history but is always thriving to learn more. with new projects.


Finn Sleigh


BGA Inspector with ratings for self-sustainers, TMG + composite repairs.

Finn was flying in gliders before he was born. Having been around gliding all his life he went solo at the age of 15. Since then, he progressed quickly within the sport, regularly topping the BGA Ladders with impressive flights in modest gliders and representing the British Team twice. With over one-thousand hours in gliders, he cites his Silver medal at the Junior World Gliding Championships in 2019 as his biggest achievement to-date. Finn has also built his career within gliding, working for multiple professional workshops including the UK's JS and Schempp-Hirth agents, as well as the Australian Schempp-Hirth agent. Finn's expertise lies in his outstanding paint work.