Annual inspections and ARC renewals

Navboys has moved to Lasham Airfield and we have expanded our team to include a total of 4 BGA inspectors and 3 ARC signatories. This means that we are well-positioned to carry out annual inspections and ARC renewals on all types including turbos and self-launchers, composite repair work (including insurance estimates), modification, refinishing, and almost any other glider maintenence job. 

We still offer our usual panel refurbishment services as well as avionics installations.

Please find our current pricelist here.


Instrument installation and glider panel rebuilds

We don’t just supply and support instruments we fit them too! We can also completely rework your panel with new instruments as required, rewire and repaint. If you are happy with the existing panel but are not so pleased with the bird's nest of old kettle cables that it’s wired up with we can rewire and re-plumb it to the highest standards.

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8.33kHz Radio Installation

Upgrading from 25kHz to 8.33kHz unfortunately is not always straight forward, often requiring the upgrade of accompanying hardware (microphones, PTT switches etc.). We can supply all the equipment you need as well as fit everything for you to make this transition as painless as possible.

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Software and firmware upgrades

Every year, sometimes twice a year your moving map needs updating, firmware, software or new airspace and turnpoint files. Every couple of years your Flarm needs new firmware. You can dig out the manual, download the files, find the cables, wade through instructions then hope it has all worked.


...Or you can

  • send the instrument to us
  • or book a visit
  • or book a phone talk through


And we will sort it for you.

Contact us here to discuss the best option for you


Logger calibration

IGC approved calibration service. We are able to calibrate many types of loggers.

Calibrations cost 

£52.50 inc. VAT

Find out more here


Oudie Services

Oudie battery replacement: £57.75 inc. VAT

Oudie screen replacement: £94.50 inc. VAT

Oudie case replacement: £ 47.25 inc. VAT

Find out more here


Nano services

Are you having battery problems with your Nano logger?

Find out how to replace the battery here


Radio Problems

Are you having difficulty hearing people on the radio or people having difficulty hearing you. The problem may be your aerial or a connection or your radio. We can test the aerial system in your glider and resolve connection faults. If your radio is at fault we can supply a new 8.33khz spacing transceiver.

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Competition spares

Fuses, tyres, tubes, valve extenders, camelback inners, pee bags, Plexus canopy cleaner, Absorbers.

Contact us here  to pre book spares or come and find us on the grid.