We will be endeavouring to keep this page up to date with support information, current file downloads and manuals. As always, you can contact us here should you need any advice or assistance in using your equipment.


Airspace and Turnpoints – Airspace and Turnpoint files for the UK. Available in the formats you need for SeeYou Mobile and LXNAV equipment (.cup and .cub files).


Download airspace and Turnpoints below - it will download as a .zip file - this .zip file needs to be 'extracted' on to your device's sd card (for LX90xx/LX80xx/S10x/S8x varios) or your device's internal memory (TFAT drive for Oudies). Then put the .cup turnpoint file into the 'Turnpoint' or 'Waypoint' folder. The .cub file needs to be placed in the 'Airspace' folder.


Download UK Airspace and TP files here.



Firmware updates For LXNAV, Naviter, Flarm products. Unsure of what to download? Contact us and we can help you with the update process.


LXNAV Firmware - Download the latest firmware for LXNAV's full product range here.


Naviter Firmware - Download the latest firmware or updaters here.


FLARM Firmware - Download the latest Flarm firmware for your device here.



Manuals and Links For as much of the kit as we can find. If we don’t have it, let us know and we will do our best to find it and add it for future reference. You can contact us here.

LXNAV Manuals - Download the manuals for the full LXNAV range of products here

Naviter Manuals - Download the manuals for the full Naviter range here.


Tools   Online tools to be used in conjunction with your equipment and avionics.

LXNAV LX Styler - Link here - To be used in conjunction with your LX90xx/LX80xx glide computer to help you design your perfect profile from the comfort of your own home - then simply upload to your LX90xx/LX80xx via an SD card.

Flarm Range Analyzer - Link here - Analyse your Flarm installation's performance. Very useful for getting an idea of the effectiveness of your flarm antenna installation(s).

Flarm Configuration Tool - Link here - Configure your Flarm using this online tool. Use it to configure communication baud rates, reception range, stealth mode, IGC declaration info, ICAO hex code (for your ADSB enabled PowerFLARM if you have a transponder on board).