EDS O2D1-2G Kit

EDS O2D1-2G Kit
 Regulator: XCR-540Bottle: Steel 3L German (100mm),  Regulator: DIN-477 

Our Price:  £849.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£707.50 Exc. VAT)

Brand:  Mountain High

The EDS-02D1 single seat and EDS-O2D2 2 seat gliders Systems enables the general aviation pilot(s) to fly at pressure altitudes up to 25,000 feet with safety and comfort. The EDS-O2D1 and EDS-O2D2 digital Pulse- Demand™ systems reduces Oxygen consumption dramatically. Different from the "standard" constant flow systems, the EDS-O2D1 Pulse-Demand™ system wastes no Oxygen during the breathing cycle when oxygen is not being delivered to the lungs. The average user will enjoy a duration increase of two to three times compared to the constant flow systems.

The built in Barometer adjusts for Altitude increase while reducing the pilots work load. The low-pressure service line is a high quality polyurethane line that is kink-resistant and flexible under varying temperatures. The cannula, face mask and service line connect to the EDS unit via color-coded "Quick-Connects" providing an air-tight fitting by hand. These fittings can be connected and disconnected many times.

Please note, we only ship cylinders empty. Please also contact us before ordering for Europe so we can check shipping restrictions!

Mountain High EDS Basic Kit  - Use with your existing cylinder + MH regulator

Comprising Mountain High EDS-O2D1-2G pulse demand system, a face mask and 2 x cannulas with a travel bag. Suitable for those with an existing cylinder and Mountain High regulator setup - please contact us before purchase if in any doubt.


Mountain High EDS Steel German (100mm) Cylinder Kits 

Comprising Mountain High EDS-O2D1, steel 100mm diameter cylinder (often for use with DG, LS and ASW gliders), Mountain High DIN-477 regulator with gauge, 1 x face mask and 2 x cannulas with a travel bag.

100mm diameter, 200 bar filling pressure, length overall 58 cm, length to bottle neck 47 cm, weight 4.8 kg

Mountain High EDS Aluminium cylinder Kits 

Comprising Mountain High EDS-O2D1, aluminium cylinder, regulator, mask and cannula with a travel bag.


Mountain High EDS Carbon, Kevlar and Silica cylinder Kits 

Comprising Mountain High EDS-O2D1, Kevlar, Carbon or Silica cylinder (for reduced weight and durability), regulator, mask and cannula with a travel bag.