Glider Battery LiFePO4, 15AH ENDURANCE+

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What’s new ?

The ENDURANCE+ version is a game changer in battery safety and reliability for gliding. It introduces enhanced safety features, A-grade LiFePO4 cells from a trusted manufacturer, and an upgraded Battery Management System (BMS) with improved wiring and layout. Elevate your gliding experience with these battery endurance advancements.

New features and enhancements in the ENDURANCE+ model:

  1. Enhanced Cell Protection: The ENDURANCE+ model incorporates a refined design for cells, wiring, and BMS layout to provide superior protection against potential impacts and shocks.
  2. Pure Nickel Connectors: This model features pure nickel connectors, ensuring better durability and exceptional resistance to vibrations.
  3. Dual Thermal Sensors: Two thermal sensors are integrated to monitor and safeguard both cells and BMS functions, enhancing overall safety.
  4. Premium Cell Quality: Utilizing A-grade cells sourced from a reputable manufacturer significantly enhances battery longevity and reliability.
  5. Advanced BMS: The ENDURANCE+ model boasts an upgraded BMS and components that not only optimize battery performance but also provide more precise protection mechanisms.

ENDURANCE+ is the next level performance, safety and reliability standard.

Standard glider fit LiFePO4 battery.

Height: 95mm


Width: 99mm


Length: 151mm


Integrated Battery Management System (PCM).

A grade cells.

Capacity – 15AH. Voltage – 12V.

Works up to 2000 cycles (or 8-10 years) without significant decrease of capacity overtime.

Almost two times lighter than regular 15AH Lead Acid batteries.

Self-discharge rate ~2%/month.

Environmentally friendly.

Voltage range: ~13,5 V (Full) –  ~10,4 V (Empty).

Certified for European market.

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