The Ultimate Glider Care Bundle

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The Ultimate Glider Care Bundle.

Each bundle contains:

  • Carlack 68 Polish
  • Aerolack Shampoo
  • Clearview canopy cleaner
  • Easidri synthetic chamois
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Sponge
  • Bucket

Everything you could need for caring for your glider all in one handy bucket.

The perfect gift for the glider pilot with high standards!



More Information

Please go to Specifications for more details on each product.


The Easidri synthetic chamois.

We asked several champion glider pilots what they used to dry their wings and The Easidri came back as the top product to use. Comes in a plastic cylinder so can be kept just slightly moist at all times.


Microfibre cloth

We selected the softest cloth we could find, designed to ensure no surface damage, but with four scourer pockets to easily remove bugs and other dried-on detritus from canopies (in conjunction with the Plexus).

Cloth can be washed at 40°C and should be tumble dried. But only use non-bio detergent.


Clearview Canopy Cleaner

Plexus cleaner and polish spray - protects canopies through sealing pores in plastic surfaces with a micro-thin layer of shiny protective wax. This makes the surface more resistant to debris, oil and scratches.

Spray on lightly, wipe off, then buff with microfibre cloth.


Aerolack Shampoo

This product is especially designed to remove insects with a recipe especially designed for organic substances.

As soon as you spray it on you will see how effortlessly Aerolack Shampoo removes even firmly stuck insect residues.

Like all Aerolack products, Shampoo is very gentle on all finish types.


Carlack 68 Polish

Cleaner and UV protector for plastic serfaces. 


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