Aircell 7 Low Loss Coax cable for Transponders per meter

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Aircell 7 is an ultra-flexible, low-loss coaxial cable for frequencies of up to 6 GHz. Itís very low loss and the small bending radius of the cable makes it ideal for avionic applications.

The great performance of Aircell 7 is achieved by a low-loss, humidity-resistant PE-LLC compound Dielectric with a gas percentage of more than 70%. The 19-core inner conductor, is made of oxygen-free (or low-in-oxygen as the book says) copper (OFC), allowing for the extraordinary flexibility of the cable.

The shield is manufactured with two layers of copper; on a thin, overlapping copper foil (100% shielding) is a braided copper mesh (70% shielding), giving it excellent shielding properties. The foil is PE-coated on the inner side, giving it good protection against splitting if the cable is bent too tightly. The black PVC Jacket of Aircell 7 is UV-stabilized.

We sell Aircell 7 by the cut meter.

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