AIR Traffic Display 57

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The redesigned traffic display 

The AIR Traffic Display is the redesigned traffic data display system from AIR Avionics. It offers robust hardware that is perfectly legible even in bright light and many advanced features that help pilots with situational awareness. It is compatible with many collision warning systems, e.g with TRX devices, FLARM® or PowerFLARM®.

AIR Avionics has developed the AIR Traffic Display from scratch. It will help to better assist pilots in collision avoidance. The new AIR Traffic Display offers even more traffic overview, easier operation and better readability than their earlier Butterfly displays. In addition to FLARM®, it can also display ADS-B and transponder traffic.

  • Traffic display 3D traffic, e.g FLARM, ADS-B and 2D traffic e.g Transponder, 
  • Brilliant, large color display - perfectly readable in the sun and easy, intuitive operation,
  • Optical and acoustic traffic warnings and notices,
  • Visual and acoustic obstacle warnings (depending on connected traffic system and valid obstacle database),
  • Tactical auxiliary functions for gliding (circle recognition, climb value filtering etc.),
  • Follow-up of traffic outside the reception range,
  • Software updates via microSD card.


Compatible and easy to install

The AIR Traffic Display is compatible with all FLARM® and GARMIN® TIS® compatible collision warning systems and traffic receivers. It works directly with TRX devices, FLARM® devices, PowerFLARM® devices, LX-FLARM and devices from many other manufacturers without any configuration effort. The delivery includes a standard FLARM® cable (RJ45).

AIR Traffic Display can be installed as a direct replacement of a butterfly display or other FLARM displays in a 57mm round cutout. It is covered by the Minor Change Approval for TRX devices or FLARM® systems and may therefore be installed in a wide range of aircraft.

More Information

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions of device (without knob): 61.5 x 61.5 x 30 mm
  • 57mm standard cutout
  • Weight approx. 140g
  • Input voltage: 9 to 32V DC
  • Interfaces: RS232 FLARM protocol and RS232 GARMIN TIS



  • ATD-57 main unit
  • Screws for instrument panel
  • RJ45 cable with standard FLARM / IGC assignment for connection
  • documentation
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