CARBONaero T style - TE probe
CARBONaero T style - TE probe

CARBONaero T style - TE probe

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A brand new design from CARBONaero - this single probe is designed as a direct replacement for almost all existing probes. This probe senses total energy, and is available in the two most common plug sizes (~8mm and ~6mm), as well as legacy sizes such as 1/4 inch. Please contact us for a set of sizing plugs to ensure the correct probe is supplied. Bespoke sizes can be manufactured with a 1-2 week lead time.


Manufactured from carbon fibre tube, this probe is lighter and stiffer than the competition. The painted nylon and 316 stainless sensing head further reduces weight and gives a robust T-style probe that is lighter than the competition.

It is nominally 0.75m in length, so taking it's TE pressure measurement further away from the influences of the fin and tailplane of the glider and further away from the wake from the wings than most standard sized TE probes.

Also built with a fluorescent tip to help prevent you or onlookers from walking into your probe!

More Information

Knowing accurately what the air is doing around your glider is one of the keys to successful soaring and cross country. This information can only be provided truly accurately by a properly compensated total energy probe, and a leak free setup. For those that are looking for a traditional Total Energy probe with a T-style sensing head, CARBONaero has develloped its own proprietry sensing head pattern and dimensions, delivering a stable and perfectly compensated source of total energy. This T-style TE probe has excellent performance in all conditions, and is the more suitable probe for very wet cloud climbing.




  • Length nominal 0.70m, 1.00m available on request for some tubes
  • Probe sensing head diameter 4.00mm tube, ~100mm height
  • Material Woven Carbon tube, 316 stainless sensing arms, nylon/carbon/316 plug
  • Weight 40g - 100g depending on variant
  • Smooth TE pressure delivery at yaw angles of up to 15 degrees
  • 1 year warranty
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