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Naviter's CC-NP-Oudie cable is used to connect an Oudie to the LXNAV S range of varios or the LX90xx/LX80xx Glider Computer range.

There are now two versions of this cable, depending on which variant of Oudie you have.

The very latest Oudie 2 has a slightly different USB port and requires the newer cable. To check which version of Oudie you have, please upgrade to the latest firmware (> 9.21) and then check in the Menu > Next > About dialog.

R = new cable  (CC-NP-OUDIE2-R2)

Y = old cable (CC-NP-OUDIE2)

More Information

The Oudie 2 had a small hardware revision in September 2019 and all new oudie 2's come with the new USB port and is known as Version R. All previouse Oudies are version Y.

As a consequence a USB pinout has changed and you need the New R type cable

1 = VCC (5V)

2 = Oudie Rx

3 = Oudie Tx

4 = ID: . VER Y for serial connection - GND

            . VER R for serial connection - VCC

5= GND

To check the hardware version of your Oudie, from the map screen, go to Menu > Next > About. The version should be displayed at the top of the screen. If it is not displayed, you should use the Naviter Updater to update your Oudie software to the latest version. (beyond version 9.19!)



Note: All new devices since the change are delivered with a correct Oudie power and data cable with RED heat shrink. The old cables have Black heatshrink for THe Older Y version!

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