DG 1001 CLUB neo

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The Next Generation Training Double-Seater

The DG1001Club neo is the ideal trainer for clubs. Itís the most modern training aircraft on the market, suitable for basic as well as advanced training. With 18m wingspan and new ďneoĒ winglets, the flight characteristics leave nothing to be desired. Excellent low-speed and stall characteristics allow the pilot to keep control of the aircraft at all times. An important factor, especially in clubs and flight schools.

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Top-Level Training

Glider pilot training is the key in every gliding club. It sets important milestones in a pilotís life and assures that beginners learn as much as they can to become a great aviator.

The DG1001Club neo is the perfect aircraft to guide your trainees from first take-off through to getting the license and beyond.

Flying Safe and Easy

The DG1001Clubís neo winglets were developed especially for glider pilot training. Apart from more docile handling, stall characteristics are improved and easy to handle. Compared to other training aircraft the performance is much higher which allows more effective training and more time in air. The results show a fast, reliable and successful learning process.

Slow Flight:

At forward C.G. positions the DG1001Club neo can be kept stable in a deep stall. If you gradually move the centre of gravity backwards by installing trim weights, the tendency to stall slowly increases. However, the glider remains controllable easily over the entire CG range and quickly terminates the stalled flight condition when the stick is released.


If you set the C.G. to the aft end, the DG1001Club neo becomes an excellent aircraft for spin training. The glider can enter and stop stall by using standard procedures and shows behaviour of modern composite gliders.

Unlike aircraft of older generations, modern comosite aircraft spin alternately steep and flat. A characteristic that cannot be simulated with old training two-seaters. The DG1001Club neo, prepares students specifically for flight characteristics of modern sailplanes.


the gliderís performace is comparable to last generationís standard class gliders. This makes the two-seater perfect for cross country training as well!

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