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Naviter Silent USB power socket

Naviter Silent USB power socket£35.00

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XLR Socket - Male

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Low Noise USB Charging Socket

Low Noise USB Charging Socket

Our Price:  £26.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£21.67 Exc. VAT)

This double socket USB bulkhead connector produces very low electrical noise.  More and more pilots want to be able to charge their mobile phones or drive tablets while flying and getting a low noise power supply at a sensible price has been difficult until now. Navboys have sourced a really low (electrical) noise USB double socket bulkhead charger compatible with most PNAs, phones and tablets. Simply connect to a 12v fused supply and the socket will deliver up to 1.5Amps at 5V to each USB socket.

Dimensions 37mm diameter flange, 28mm hole and 33mm in length