Sensitive Electret Microphone
Sensitive Electret Microphone

Sensitive Electret Microphone

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Finished in black, this microphone is super slim and super light, putting less stress on the mounting bracket over time.

The 40cm microphone is 210g, the 50cm is 240g including the cable.

This microphone also has a greater pick-up sensitivity, so will pick up your voice from further away than other microphones.

Available in 40cm and 50cm lengths; diameter is 1cm.

The Electret microphone can be used with all the radios that we stock.

Please note: if you have a Trig radio, this is the microphone you will need. Trig radios will not work with dynamic microphones.

When buying a microphone it is always best to check with your radio manual to make sure it will support the type of microphone before ordering.


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3 Reviews:

Electret microphone purchase
15 November 2021  | 

Great service as ever followed by some discussions with Ben regarding the wiring. Fantastic company

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Support second to none.
13 September 2021  | 

How do you arrange three wires on this mike onto two terminals? Problems like this are meat and drink to Navboys. Fantastic highly knowledgeable and friendly support.

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Dynamic mike replaced by an electret one
30 July 2020  | 

In Shark 304 eS with Trig TY91 radio. Original Beyerdynamic mike had failed after 3y. Had to remove dynamic's pre-amp. Electret cable's yellow lead and outer braid connect to radio's ground and the red lead to its MIC input. Electret mike works fine.

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