LXNAV Flarm Speaker
LXNAV Flarm Speaker

LXNAV Flarm Speaker

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Flarm Speaker is an audio warning device for Flarm traffic messages. Plug it into your existing Flarm system and it will provide audible Flarm warnings. Ideal for GA, where conventional Flarm warnings cannot be heard over the engine.

The Flarm Speaker also features a phono output with a 3.5mm mono jack located in the back - this can be used to wire into an aircraft's radio harness' AUX audio input, to provide warnings through the headsets. The speaker can be turned off when the phono jack is plugged in and the slide switch is set to the AUTO position. 

There are three volume adjustments available with the push button on the back of the device - the volume level is indicated via the 3 LEDs.


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1 RJ45 FLARM connector

1 RS-232 communication

1 Phono output with 3.5mm mono jack

3 LEDs on the back

1 Switch (SPK.ON, AUTO)

Input and output

Input voltage 9-36 VDC

Baudrate: 19200 (fixed)

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