Paratec Parachutes
Paratec Parachutes
Paratec Parachutes
Paratec Parachutes

Paratec Parachutes

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Paratec Parachutes - The Wingman Philosophy: Reduced to the Optimum.

Square parachute technology!

Paratec parachutes rise above the competition by providing a 'square' flying wing rather than a round parachute canopy. This enables the pilot to have a slower, smoother descent rate which can be steered rather than a round non steerable version.

Click on 'SPECIFICATIONS' below for Technical Data sheet.

More Information
Flight Characteristics Video - CLICK HERE to view Paratec's droptest flights that compare the flight characteristics of round parachutes to Paratec's Square parachute.

Steerable Landing Action Video - CLICK HERE to view Paratec's video of a landing using a small Sport Speed reserve parachute.

Choice of Chest and Leg Strap buckles - The choice of strap are all the same cost. Choose between 'Adjustable quick ejector and V-Ring' straps or CWH straps.

Additionally, embroidery of G-Reg or a logo is available on the vertical shoulder straps for a small extra cost.

Easy Sizing - the Wingman 220 for up to 105 kg Pilot and the Wingman 250 for up to 115kg Pilot. You may see Wingman 190 but this is ONLY for smaller pilots .

Simple handling of the parachute: Light steering pressure with flared landing ability.

Easy handling of the harness - Donning and doffing via quick ejector snaps.

State of the art design and manufacturing methods generate a highly compact yet ergonomic fit and function. Video manual included.

Standard features include:

  • Container made from 1100 Denier Cordura
  • Back pad made from Aerospacer fabric
  • Harness made from Mil W-4088 Type 8 shuttle loom webbing
  • Leg-strap and chest strap hardware, QFE
  • Carrying bag in matching container fabric/colour

Life cycle & service interval = 12 months.

Wide Variety of Colours  - While we have our standard options of red, blue and black, all of our Paratec parachutes are made to order so you can personalise the main body colour and have a seperate binding colour. Please give us a call if you would like to dicuss a personalised parachute.





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