Biodegradable Pee Bags - 100 Pack

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100% degradable pee bags with 10L capacity - this pack gives you 100 bags. Ideal for those who prefer not to use the sheath and reusable pee bag mechanism. 

Take a pee bag and blow into it and then squeeze the open end closed first to ensure there are no holes (the bag should hold the air pressure like a balloon - some choose to double bag for extra confidence instead of testing for leaks).

Once tested for no leaks, then proceed to urinate into the open end until you have been suitably relieved.

Once filled, we advise twisting the top of the bag (DO NOT KNOT) and then depositing out of your DV panel with a swinging down motion to ensure it clears your aircraft cleanly.

Please note that it's considered courteous to avoid depositing over a built up area...

Made with d2w technology, the bag converts into biodegradable materials at the end of their useful life.

Size: 225x355mm

If you are looking for a lower workload solution, then take a look at our Sheath and Reusable pee bag solution here.


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